Who loves the sound of earning free reward points on every purchase you make here at Vee Dub? Points that then result in discount on your next order! Everyone right?

Below is a brief explanation of how our loyalty program works…

Creating An Account

When at the checkout stage of your order you will be asked wether you would like to create an account at checkout or not. If you would like to accumulate points and have access to your user dashboard to see things such as order status & invoices then tick this box and fill out the text boxes.

Earning Points

Now you have an account set up you can start to accumulate points & rewards for shopping with us. We give points away with every order at the rate of 2 points for every £1 spend & they can be redeemed at a value of £1 discount per 100 points.

Eg. an order value of £378.99 = 758 points. £7.58 discount on your next order.

Redeeming Points

Redeeming your points is super simple! All you have to do is select ‘Apply Discount’ at the checkout, then your points will be redeemed & discount will be applied to your order. If you would like to see how many points you have on your account this can be done on the ‘Points & Rewards‘ section of the ‘My Account‘ page.

Your Birthday Gift

Another awesome reason to be a part of our rewards scheme is the Birthday Gift! To take advantage of this make sure to add you date of birth when creating an account at checkout or in the ‘Account Details‘ section of our website. This allows of to send you a birthday treat of 500 points every year for you to spend on what ever you wish!

Terms & Conditions

Points will expire 1 year after they were allocated if they are not used within this time. You will be notified before this happens to give you a chance to use them so don’t worry too much!

These points have no monetary value and can only be applied on online orders.