Buying A VW Transporter

Daunting is the best word to describe how buying a new van can feel. Thankfully there is plenty of info on the world wide web to help you make an informed decision. We have outlined the main things to look out for when buying a new Transporter, take a read before you purchase one!

Firstly, it is vital that you go and test drive the Transporter and check it for any problems. Never just buy a vehicle based on photos and a description.


Transporters are renowned for their long-lasting engines. Many can easily clock up 250,000 miles, with that being said, the majority of people will look for a used Transporter with less than 100k miles. This is a safe bet as long as the previous owner has taken care of it when required. We recommend going for a van that has just over 100k miles. Something like 105,000, the reason being that anything over that threshold tends to start getting cheaper and it’s not worth paying the premium for lower mileage.

Consider a Transporter with 150,000 – 200,000 miles to be average and anything over 200,000 starting to lean towards high mileage.


Rust – When viewing the Transporter, check underneath the chassis and around the doors for patches of rust. Although a small patch may not look menacing, it spreads easily and is the start of an uphill battle. Rust is a common problem for T4’s & T5’s so be especially careful on these models.

Scratches – No one wants a van that’s covered top to bottom in swirl marks and scratches. Deeper scratches are the ones to worry about. Fortunately, they can be easily spotted on dry days, make sure it’s not been raining as the water can mask defects. You can spot a deep scratch by looking for paint primer in its centre. If the scratch has penetrated the clear coat, coloured paint & primer then this isn’t going to be cheap to get fixed. Capitalise on any small marks by pointing them out to the seller and requesting a discount.

Dents – Get close to the panels and look along the length of the vehicle. Check each side for dents, they can often be found in areas where car doors have been opened onto the panels while it was parked. 

Lights – Have the lights fogged over? Do they all work? Two questions to respect when doing your once over. Light clusters are expensive to replace so it is beneficial, not essential, to have lights in good condition.


Inspect the tyres and check their tread depth, use a Tire Depth Gauge for this, a relatively inexpensive tool that will last you a lifetime. Aim for above 5mm on each tire, anything below 3mm will have to be replaced. Also, check the tyre walls for cracks and scuffs. This can be an indication of age and how much they’ve been abused by previous owners. We would also say that it is preferable to have matching tyres on each corner, this improves the ride and means you won’t get uneven wear.


Has the interior of the van been kept in good nick? This can be a reflection of past owners and give you a good idea of whether or not care and attention have been shown towards other areas of the van.

Stains, tears & smells are all tricky to eradicate from the interior without the right gear. A thorough detail should help once purchased. Remember that the interior is where you and your eyes will spend the majority of your time.

While giving the van a test drive check if the electrics work; windows, mirrors and the radio can all be expensive so take your time to go through every knob and button you can see!

The Test Drive

Here are some common problems that Transporters face: slipping clutch, rattling from the engine, steering column clunk, suspension clunking (caused by bushes most of the time). Make sure you check for these when out and about!

Service & MOT History

A true deal-breaker, it’s so important to check the full history of the vehicle. Has the van been cleared of any finance? Has it had regular services? Are there records of any repairs and maintenance that have been made? A helpful tool to give you an understanding of the Transporter’s health is the GOV MOT checker. Take the number plate of the van and enter it into this website, you’ll be shown all previous MOT’s, whether they have passed or failed and simultaneously the reasons why.

If the oil hasn’t been changed every 10,000 miles this could start to cause problems. A year missing in the service book means at some point in the Transporters life it hasn’t been looked after properly. This is a red flag.

Tax Category & Insurance Costs

Tax is calculated based on the emissions of a vehicle. If you know the number plate of the vehicle you’re looking to buy then enter it into this helpful tool. It’s by far the easiest way to find out a whole host of information, including an estimated tax cost.

Tax Calculator


Transporter insurance can be expected to cost more than your standard car. This is due to the engine size and their large storage spaces (potentially a lot of expensive cargo). The best way to figure out the insurance cost is to get quotes from a price comparison website before you purchase the vehicle.

What is the most reliable Transporter?

Although the T6/T6.1 are the most recent addition to the Transporter line they are yet to show how long they can last. The T5 on the other hand has proven itself time & time again, often reaching well over 300,000 miles they earn their reliability badge! To be more precise the T5 1.9TDI get a lot of praise, ~35mpg compared to the larger 2.5’s ~28mpg means you’ll be saving on fuel too.

If you need help identifying what Transporter you’re looking for then check out our ‘Transporter Trims and Variants Explained’ page. We break down how Transporters are named and discuss all the different options you have.

Transporters Explained


Although it seems as though the list is never-ending, you’ll know when you’ve found the right Transporter. The Vee Dub Team wish you the best of luck on your journey and don’t forget, if you want to make your Transporter into something special, our upgrades are the way to do it!

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The more you look at Transporters, the more confusing the naming, trims and variations get. We’ve written this guide, that breaks down almost every option you can get, so that you shouldn’t have any issues deciding which Transporter is best for you.

What Transporter Trims are there?

Historically VW offered 4 trims (The Startline, Trendline, Highline & Sportline) however with the most recent launch of the T6.1 only a Startline and Highline were available, more recently the Sportline has been announced. It’s hard to narrow down the best features of each trim, VW offers vast amounts of customisation and it can often be cheaper to get a lower spec vehicle as a base and then add the upgrades you want in the customisation process.

Notable Features of each Trim
– Remote central locking
– 6.5” touchscreen
– Electric front windows
– Heated door mirrors
– Power steering
– Interior LED Lighting

– DAB Radio
– Body-coloured door mirrors
– Single front passenger seat, instead of the double seat in the Startline
– Rear Parking Sensors
– 2018 Onwards comes with a steel bulkhead
– 16” Wheels
– Sliding side door
– Cruise control
– Front foglights
– App-Connect for phones
– An alarm system as standard
– Air-Con
– Body-coloured bumpers, door handles and mirrors
– Adaptive cruise control
– Headlights and Wipers have an automatic setting
– Folding wing mirrors
– Parking sensors on front and rear
– LED Headlights
– 204 HP engine with DSG Transmission
– Tinted rear lights
– Driver’s armrest
– Auto-dimming rearview mirror
– Heated windscreen
– Lowered suspension
– Reversing camera
– Power latching side doors
– 18″ Alloy Wheels
– Sportline front bumper
– Puddle lights
– Rear spoiler

© Volkswagen – The T6.1 Sportline Announcement Image


What’s the difference between a Panel Van, Kombi, Shuttle, Caravelle and California Transporter?

Panel Van

A bare-bones, basic Transporter with no side windows & no rear seating. These are the lowest spec that VW offer and by no coincidence, they are also the cheapest. The primary target audience for this type of van are commercial workers because of the huge open space in the rear that allows for tools and machinery to be stored.

Recently the popularity of van conversions has skyrocketed. Many avid DIYers start off with a panel van as it is the cheapest option and it also allows for the most upgrades and modifications to be made. If you want to see a great example of how our accessories can transform a panel van then have a read of this blog post: Our T6.1 Transformation.


A step up from a basic Panel Van, the Kombi has 5 or 6 Seats depending on your preference (3 Front + 3 Rear or 2 Front + 3 Rear). The Kombi is a combination of a people carrier and a standard van, hence the name. Windows are fitted to the sliding door panels to give passengers in the back some light & the rear of the van is left relatively empty.


With 9 seats in total, the Shuttle’s main use is for getting lots of people from one place to another. Perfect for long-distance Taxi drivers and larger families. To allow for the best riding experience for passengers the Shuttle comes with windows on all sides and although there are plenty of seats, the Shuttle sacrifices the luxury feel you get with the Caravelle. The interior is basic and made to simply get the job done.


The Caravelle is a vehicle based on the Transporter line. Broken down it is just a van but with some added bells and whistles. The interior is where the main changes are made, with seats and trim in the rear that are comparable with a high-end passenger car. If you’re looking for a comfortable family van with 7 total seats then the Caravelle is for you!


If you’re into camping in style there is no better option for you… as long as you have the money. Fully kitted out with a kitchen, seating area, storage, pop-top bedroom and canopy there’s no shortage of gizmos to keep you happy. The California requires little attention once you’ve bought it, tailored for camping, ready to go whenever and wherever you want.

What do the numbers T26, T27, T28, T30, T32 mean on my Transporter?

The numbers are used to show the maximum gross weight of the Transporter. For example, if you have a T26 then the max laden weight will be 2.6 Tonnes. The true amount that your van can carry will change depending on the weight of the van when empty. If you’re looking to do a camper conversion it is recommended you get at least a T28 to allow for leeway once your van is fully kitted out. You can improve the maximum weight your van can take by upgrading your suspension, check out our range here.

We hope that you now have a deepened understanding of the different VW Transporters. For more info on identifying the Transporter you own click here.

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The past 12 months have brought a lot of change to Vee Dub Transporters. Since the business was established in 2009 we have steadily been increasing our stock, staff and service. This year saw a drastic change and revolution in the camper conversion business. If Covid brought one positive thing to a lot of people, it was time. With nothing to do at home we saw more of you becoming DIYers! A van conversion is the perfect project to fill your day, the sense of accomplishment you achieve by finally having your dream camper parked outside is amazing.

We are so happy that we could continue to operate safely and effectively, to provide products throughout covid. With 12 years of operation under our belt & a flurry of amazing new customers, it was about time to make our first move.

Our warehouse was struggling to contain all the products we stock, we outgrew it so much that we had to store a lot of our stock at external premises, you can only imagine the logistical challenge this presented us daily. We wanted somewhere that could easily take all of our products, while also giving us the space to grow in the future and allow us to increase our picking efficiency.

This is where our new warehouse entered the playing field, an irresistible opportunity in the closest town to us called Sileby. 30,000 sqft of space, 4X the size of our current unit, a large office block attached to accommodate our staff, what more could we wish for?

Our new warehouse address is:
Unit 1 Manor Dr,
Barrow upon Soar,
LE12 7RZ

You may have seen pictures of the warehouse completely empty on our social media, since then the move has happened. It wasn’t easy and it took a lot of teamwork. The bulk of our stock was transferred within a weeks timeframe, you can see the transformation process on our first ever vlog here.

What does the move mean for me?

Some of you may be left questioning what difference this may make for you, our customers. The answer is that with all this new-found space we are going to stock a wider range of products! We are already looking into many more exciting items to stock, there will be no shortage of new accessories heading your way over the coming years. Keep your eyes peeled on our social media channels to stay updated with the most recent releases @veedubtransporters.

Overall this move was very much needed, all of us at Vee Dub are so grateful to be given this opportunity and we are looking forward to the coming years, watching our business evolve even more. We hope you’ll continue to join us for the ride.

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Hello Vee Dubbers,

As you may have seen on our social media channels, we are currently in the process of moving to our new home… a massive 30,000 sq ft warehouse!!!

To say we are excited is an understatement, we are absolutely buzzing and know the opportunities will be endless when the move is complete! However we have reached one of the most critical stages in the move to our new home and it is all hands on deck. Unfortunately our logistics department will need to be closed for a couple of days and that means there may be some delays to our customers’ orders that are placed between 11th and the 17th of May.

Our team is working hard to minimise the delays and disruption to our service. We aim to resume our usual speedy service early next week and apologise in advance for any delays that may occur.


The Vee Dub Team.

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As you can probably guess, being Transporter enthusiasts ourselves, we have our very own T6.1. It’s called Smurf and she’s rather fast, but just like many Transporters, started out as a plain Ravenna Blue panel van. Since June 2020 when she was delivered we have been fitting our very own products as much as we can! Smurf is the perfect example of what can be achieved when using our accessories to stylise and transform the way that your dub looks.

In this post we are going to take you through the most significant steps in Smurf’s journey and talk about why we chose the accessories that we did. We always test our products on our own vans before putting them out into the wild. This is so we can ensure that A: Are products are of very high quality and B: Because they look awesome 🔥. This does mean that Smurf has been through many different outfit changes since delivery, so let’s start with the first changes we made…

June 2020

Two of our most popular products were first on! Our HEKO Wind Deflectors and Carbon Bumper Protector. Both of these products are super simple to fit to your van and take no longer than 5 minutes each. Although they offer a subtle change, they pointed the upgrade train in the right direction. We wanted a van that would look mean, fast and bold and these dark highlights were the perfect first addition.


The third upgrade that we made was putting our Gloss Black Door Handle Covers on. This continued the black highlights theme however they also brought a practical purpose too. Our covers are the perfect accessory to prolong the paintwork around your door handles, one of the most commonly abused areas of your van. You haven’t got to worry about these bad boys falling off as they are attached with super strong 3M adhesive tape.


August 2020

With some of our smaller accessories having found a home on Smurf, it was time to step up the game! One of the worst parts of the van to start with had to be the tiny and spongy wheels. We went all out by fitting new alloys, Blue AlloyGators & one of our Bilstein Kits (The B14 with 50mm drop). This was the largest visual change to the van so far, one of the best upgrades to be made in our opinion, well worth investing in!

With the new wheels on and a stealthy 50mm drop it was time to make a quality of life upgrade. Sometimes with a Transporter when shutting the front doors they can sound tinny and cheap. With a simple & affordable Cab Door Seal Upgrade this can be changed. They bring a premium “Golf Sound” when the door is shut and they also protect against moisture and reduce cab noise, a no-brainer if you ask us.

It was around the end of August at this point and we thought it was time for some more big changes to be made. Next up was; a Dub Style Rear Primed Spoiler that we got sprayed in Ravenna Blue, our Gloss Black 42mm Streamline Roof Bars, Gloss Black Rear Transporter Text & a Gloss Black Rear Badge. Yes that’s a lot of changes at once but WOW! It was definitely worth doing. At this point Smurf was truly becoming something special 😍.

September 2020

Haven’t you forgotten something? No, we definitely hadn’t forgotten. Our windows were the next one of our products to go in and I think letting the pictures speak for themselves is the best thing to do here. If you’re in any doubt about taking the plunge and fitting windows to your Transporter then all we can say is the proof is in the pudding.

Since fitting our windows we have continued to make changes to the van. The most notable of which would be the addition of Vulcan Gloss Black Side Bars, these guys add a beefy look to your Transporter making it even more substantial on the road. On the practical side they’re also handy for helping you get in and out of the van.

Apil 2021

Finally you join us in the current day where we have recently fitted our GTI Tartan Blue Rear Badge Inlay Decals and our stunning Matt Black Rear Quarter Decal. We were all shocked at how big of an impact our new decal range can have on the appearance of the van. Crazy what a bit of vinyl can do 🤯.

Hopefully this goes to show that our products are tested and trusted by us. Smurf is one of the best looking dubs we’ve seen and she only has a fraction of our huge range of products on her. The combinations are endless so make sure you have a browse around our website to find the perfect styling accessories for your beloved Transporter.

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Reception Covid-19 Update

Dear Vee Dub Customers,

With regard to the recent government easing of lockdown, non-essential retail is now allowed to reopen as long as appropriate measures are in place. Since the start of the pandemic our reception area, found at our warehouse near Sileby, has been closed in order to keep our customers and staff safe.

We are writing this post to keep our valued customers informed of the decisions that we make. Although we are extremely happy that retail is once again being allowed to welcome back people in person, due to some exciting news that we will be announcing soon, we have decided to keep our reception closed. This means that you still can’t visit us to make an order in person, instead you must place the order online for click and collect or select a delivery option.

Why aren’t you Re-Opening your Reception?

Firstly we would like to say that this should have very little impact on the way that you can purchase products from Vee Dub! You can still place orders to click and collect on our website or you can call us on 0800 292 2005 to make a purchase.

There are several factors that have contributed to our final decision of keeping our reception shut, the main one being that we have some massive news that’s just around the corner! We can’t wait to tell you all about it, however that is still a few weeks away currently.

How do I Click & Collect?

It’s very simple to click & collect your order, firstly go to place an order as usual on the website, once you’re happy with your basket go to the checkout and select Click & Collect from the delivery options. As long as we have the product in stock and you collect it within our opening hours (Mon-Fri 9:00 – 17:30) we can have it prepared for you on the same day! Due to Covid-19 you will need to call when you arrive at our premises, a member of our team will then bring your order onto our forecourt for you to take away. Please let us know when you plan on collecting so we can have your order ready!

How Long will Delivery Take?

Our fastest shipping service will get your item to you within 2 working days. There is a 14:00 cutoff on the day of purchase that means if you place an order after this time then it will be classed as being made on the next working day.

Overall we hope that our decision has as little impact on your shopping experience at Vee Dub Transporters as possible. Make sure to keep an eye on our social media channels for an exciting upcoming announcement!

All the best,

The Vee Dub Team

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If all stays on track then by May the 17th you and your dub will be able to start adventuring again. With the freedom that the easing of our third lockdown will give you, we think it would be a great idea to make some slick modifications to your van while you’ve still got the time. We’ve put together a list of accessories that will transform your van with the added benefit of costing £50 or less.


1. HEKO Wind Deflectors – £35.99

Wind deflectors are a great addition to any van, reducing road-noise, increasing airflow it really is a no brainer! Fitment can be daunting but with our handy fitting guide that shouldn’t be an issue. Many members of our team use the HEKO wind deflectors and we can’t recommend them enough. We have HEKOs available for T4 to T6.1.


2. Mudflaps Full Set –  £44.99

Amazingly you can get a full set of mudflaps for under £50! Not only do our mudflaps look the part but they also have huge practical ability. It can be annoying having to wash your dub every other day, these mudflaps can play a big part in preventing dirt and chips on your paintwork. They also protect against grime building up in sensitive spots such as the undercarriage. Our flaps come with all necessary fittings so getting them onto your van is a smooth experience.


3. Door Handle Covers – £22.99 to £24.99

Our door handle covers give your van extra flare while also acting as a barrier of protection against one of the most commonly abused spots on your van. The kits come with 4 door handle covers, 2 lock cover caps with and hole and 3x lock cover caps without a hole. These door handle covers are available in gloss black or carbon fibre. Compatible with T5 to T6.1.



4. Cab Door Seal Upgrades – £12.99

The perfect upgrade for those of you that are sick of the rattling door that just seems to get worse & worse. There are many benefits to installing this seal, for one there will be much less moisture getting into your cabin, creating a better environment for you and your passengers & also a solid seal which will also reduce road noise and offer protection against rust.


5. Rear Transporter Text – £14.99

Whether you have a T4, T5, T5.1, T6 or T6.1 this rear text will make a big difference to the back of your van. The high-quality ABS plastic and strong adhesive allow for a long-lasting product. This text offers a solution to those who are looking to add subtle mods or to those who need a replacement. The text takes no longer than 15 minutes to fit and is available in matt black, carbon fibre or gloss black.


Thank you for checking out our Top 5 Accessories under £50. We hope that our recommendations can give you some guidance and ideas. We’d love to see any modifications you make to your dub; tag us on social media @VeeDubTransporters.

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Christmas Delivery Times & Opening Hours

Below you can find all the information you need about our opening times & delivery schedule over the Christmas period.

Christmas Information

Website Opening Hours

We are open for business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

Office Opening Hours

 – Closed from 1pm Friday 18th December 

 – Closed 24th December – 3rd January

 – Normal hours resume Tuesday 4th January

If you need to get in touch with us during the above dates, email which will add you to our ticketing system and we will respond when we re-open on January 4th 2021.

For extra peace of mind, we have extended our return policy for Christmas purchases up to January 31st 2021 to accommodate you over the holiday season so you are covered for any unwanted presents or returns.

Christmas Delivery Schedule

All orders placed with us on or before the 16th December are guaranteed (weather permitting and barring any issues with Santa’s sleigh) to be delivered in time for Christmas.

We will still be shipping orders up to the 23rd December, but these orders are not guaranteed to be delivered before Christmas Day. Our normal shipping times will resume on 4th January 2021.

If you have any enquiries regarding our  delivery schedule or opening hours, please do not hesitate to give our helpful team a call on 0800 292 2005 or get in touch via our Contact Us page.

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Christmas Gift Ideas At Vee Dub

It is the “most wonderful time of the year” again & we’ve put together our most popular gifts for your loved one who is Transporter crazy! If you are stuck for ideas, then check out these awesome products that will look great under any tree & are guaranteed to be a Christmas cracker!

Christmas Gift Ideas Page

Front & Rear Badges

This is a great present to grab for any VW lover who is looking to enhance the look of their van with the simplest touch! We believe this is a gift that will light up their Christmas even further & there are plenty of choices thanks to the four colours to choose from! You could even finish this off with a set of our Door Handle Covers which really would be the icing on top of the Christmas pudding! 😉🎅



Full Set Of Mudflaps

We think this would be a great gift for anyone who hasn’t got round to fitting this super handy & efficient product! This will light up their eyes on Christmas morning so be sure to grab this perfect present now! 🎄



Transporter Text

Our VW Rear Transporter Text will provide a subtle upgrade to the rear of your loved one’s van! This can be used on any Transporter so you don’t need to worry about fitment & this is the perfect size to fit into any stocking or under the tree! There are also three colours to choose from so you can choose the best colour for their van! 👌





Vee Dub Gift Voucher

If these awesome products above still haven’t helped you, our Gift Voucher is the one for you! This allows your loved one to use it on whatever product they choose! All you need to do is choose the value of the voucher & we will send it out in a well presented box wrapped with a lovely ribbon, along with a FREE Vee Dub Gift Pack! A great gift when you are not sure of the perfect present. 🎁



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Instagram Competiton – August 2020

First off we would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who entered the competition. Seeing thousands of you taking part makes us want to run more & more EPIC competitions for you all! It’s our way of saying thank you to all of our loyal customers & fans!

So let’s get to the part you’re all here for…

We had over 1,000 entries into this competition and have randomly selected 1 of you to be the lucky winner!

Congratulations to @Pirateshaz 🎉

You have been selected as the winner of the competition😎

We would like to give everyone who entered a little something as well so if you apply the coupon code “pirateshaz” at checkout you will save 10% off your order until midnight Monday 31st August… (This code does exclude items already on sale such as window packages etc)

Prize Contents

Punched Style Seat Covers
Vee Dub Bonnet Bra
1 x Face Mask
Steering Wheel Cover
A set of Heko Wind Deflectors
3 x Flower Garlands
A set of grey Alloygators
2 x Storage Nets
Vee Dub Cap
A TON of Stickers
Bonnet Strut
Vee Dub Air Freshener

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We have just launched our new Fathers Day category which has the best gifts for your beloved Dad! To make this even better we have added a 10% discount on these selected products! This offer ends at midnight on Friday 19th June, so be sure to get your gift ordered asap to ensure it is delivered on time! Check out our range of gifts now

In order to make the most of this deal, use the code below when you’re at the checkout…

Code – “Fathersday10”


10 % Off All Merch!

You can currently save 10% on all exclusive Vee Dub Merchandise such as Hoodies, Caps, T-shirts & Air Fresheners! Not to mention some of these items already being on sale so it really is an awesome deal! Be sure to check this out here…



10% Off All Gift Ideas

We also have our epic Bonnet Strut’s available in this deal, with them already being on sale this is a no brainer! There are many more products included in this deal like Mudflaps, Handle Covers & Cab Door Seals! So, grab your perfect gift here…

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Our merchandise is now available for all you Vee Dub lovers! There is a range of products to fit your VW lifestyle.

What Types Of Merchandise Do You Stock?

These merchandise products are exclusive to Vee Dub! Be part of the family and represent Vee Dub wherever you go! You can also be the first to know about new product launches, promotions, special offers by signing up to the Vee Dub Club! This takes two minutes and is 100% free!

Check out our range of merchandise here



Vee Dub Hoodie

This is a top-quality hoodie, which gives our customers a true Vee Dub family feel. The hoodie has a convenient kangaroo pouch and an efficient opening for earphones.

Check out this product here



Vee Dub Snapback

The eye-catching detail on this cap is awesome and provides a retro feel for you Vee Dub fans. This is professionally designed and stitched for the ultimate VW cruise.

Check out the snapback here




Vee Dub Air Freshener 

Here at Vee Dub, we truly believe that pimping your Transporter out really provides a fresh feel! Simply click on the image and sniff your screen to sample!

Check out this product here



Vee Dub T-Shirt Black

The Vee Dub family have shown so much love recently, we have introduced our new tee! All sizes are available if anyone wants a more baggier fit, whilst representing the epic Vee Dub branding!


Check out the t-shirt here


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New T6.1 Accessories Now Available

We have just launched our brand new T6.1 Shop on our website! There are loads of products on there for you to check out and all at great prices as always from Vee Dub Transporters.

gift_voucher_openThe All-New T6.1

The Volkswagen Transporter T6.1 is the latest addition to the legendary line of Volkswagen Transporters. It features a brand new front end which has been facelifted since the introduction of the T6 back in 2015! The T6.1 features new headlights, a new front grille and loads more new features!

We are expecting our very own T6.1 to be with us in March 2020 and once it lands with us, we will be test fitting tonnes of  Vee Dub accessories to it!


New T6.1 Products

With the total change of the front end, there will obviously be a number of our T6 products that don’t fit this van, however much of the T6.1 is very similar or the same as the older Transporter models, because of this there are loads of products that we already stock that will fit these stunning new vans!

Click here to view all of our T6.1 products.

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How We Can Help This Christmas 2019

Christmas will soon be upon us and the festive shopping season is well underway so we just wanted to let you know how we can help to make your Vee Dub festive shopping easier than ever.

gift_voucher_openAmazing Gift Voucher Packs

We now have some amazing gift voucher packs for sale in our online store so if you want to treat your loved one to something new for their van but aren’t quite sure what to get these gift packs are perfect.  Simply choose your voucher value and we will send a beautifully presented gift box with a nice bow tie on the outside and inside will be your vouchers and a FREE Vee Dub gift pack! A great way to treat that someone special in your life when you aren’t quite sure what to get them.  To check out the voucher packs click here.


We Are Ready & Waiting!

Thinking about buying something for your partners pride and joy but don’t know anything about models, wheelbases etc don’t worry, our team of experienced, friendly and trained sales staff (including 5 women who you are more than welcome to speak to) are on hand to help with everything you need to pick the perfect present.  



Extended Christmas Returns

Each year we try to make your online shopping experience easier and this Christmas we are extending our returns policy to give you the peace of mind that anything bought between December 9th and Christmas can be returned up to the end of January. This just gives you a little bit more confidence when shopping for your loved ones that if the item you order isn’t quite right they can get it returned right up until the end of January.

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The Vee Dub Video 2019!

Take a look at this awesome video which we have put together to showcase our range of high-quality styling accessories for the VW Transporters.

We have some EPIC footage which was filmed in & around our local countryside with some of our fellow VW enthusiasts, and we had a great day out whilst doing so! Take a look at what we got up to…

If you would like to grab yourself any of our stunning styling accessories that are featured in the video then have a browse on our website or give us a call on 0800 292 2005.

We would also like to say a massive thank you to everyone who got involved and came down to see us for the day!

The Vans

Our very own VW T5.1! Covered head to toe in Vee Dub styling accessories.

What’s fitted…

– Bilstein B14 Coilover Kit Available Here

– Red Diamond Stitch Seat Covers Available Here

– Plain Black Bonnet Bra Available Here

– Smoked LED Rear Lights Available Here


Marks beloved VW T4! This van is a real eye-catcher and we loved having mark and his van join us for the shoot.

What’s fitted…

– Full Window Package Available Here

– Polished Sidebars Available Here

– Orange Ribbed Style Seat Covers Available Here

– Upgraded Front & Rear Lighting Available Here



Guys VW T5.1! Now, this van really does turn heads… Everywhere we went people just had to stop and take a look at this stunning van!

What’s fitted…

– OEM Style Front Spoiler & Splitter Available Here

– Front LED Daytime Running Light Kit Available Here

– Lightbar Headlights Available Here

– Stainless Steel Apollo Sidebars Available Here

– N/S & O/S Opening Windows Available Here

– The List Goes On…


Steves VW T5.1! This van was the dark horse on the video shoot. It was flying around and kicking up dirt at every opportunity thanks to over 200+ horsepower!

What’s fitted…

– Plain Black Bonnet Bra Available Here

– Front & Rear Carbon Fibre Badges Available Here

– OEM Style Polished Sidebars Available Here

– OEM Style Front Spoiler Available Here

– Painted Wing Mirror Covers Available Here




Our very own VW T6! This van began it’s life at Vee Dub as a plain old panel van & to say that we have transformed the look of it is an understatement!

What’s fitted…

– Splitter For Under Genuine Bumper Available Here

– Gloss Black Streamline Sidebars Available Here

– Dynamic LED Side Repeaters Available Here

– Alloygators Available Here

– OEM Style Twin Door Spoiler Available Here

– Bilstein B14 Coilover Kit Available Here


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Here @ Vee Dub we stock a HUGE range of performance parts for the VW Transporter!

The parts we stock include performance intercoolers, boost hoses, bushes, camber kits and much more! If you would like to check out our range of performance parts select your van model below…!

VW T4 | VW T5 | VW T5.1 | VW T6

What Brand Of Performance Parts Do You Stock?

We only stock the BEST of the BEST here at Vee Dub and these new products are no different! We have chosen to stock products from these brands as they are the market leaders in their fields and manufacture extremely high-quality parts.

Check them out here



Bilstein Suspension

Bilstein is the first choice if your looking for the best suspension money can buy! All of their suspension is vigorously tested around the Nürburgring and goes through strict testing to ensure that they provide suspension like no other!

Check out our range of Bilstein Suspension here


Powerflex is most well known for creating the most high-quality bushes for thousands of vehicle makes and models. The craftsmanship that goes into designing and manufacturing these bushes is outstanding!

Check out our range of Powerflex products here

Forge Motorsport

Forge Motorsport is one of the BIGGEST names in the business when it comes to performance parts & all of their parts are manufactured here in Britain!


Check out our range of Forge Products here



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Stunning Classic Style Seat Covers!

Our seat covers are an absolute must-have for ANYONE looking to transform the interior of their Transporter!

They are manufactured exclusively for Vee Dub Transporters so you won’t find the same covers ANYWHERE else! They are available for the T5/T5.1 & T6 for both the front and rear of your van!


So how do they fit?

These seat covers fit like a glove due to them being tailor-made exactly for your seats! It is more like reupholstering your seats than fitting seat covers!

Check them out here




What are they made from?


All of our seat covers are manufactured from high-quality synthetic leather so they are extremely durable and look amazing!

Find out more here




What are your customers saying about them?

Our seat covers are a super popular product of ours and are raved about by thousands of our happy customers!

Check out our seat covers gallery which is full of pictures and honest reviews here



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We’ve got some great deals on for you to take a look at in our March Madness promotion…

You can check out all of the items below & much more that are on SALE by clicking here

T5/T5.1/T6 Rear Grab Handle Covers

These rear grab handle covers are an AMAZING upgrade for your van as they can be fitted in minutes and look absolutely STUNNING! They are available in a range of different colours so head over to the website and check them out…


T5/T5.1/T6 Gas Bonnet Strut

Our bonnet struts are a super popular product as they are extremely handy and also look great! They are available in black and stainless steel to the choice is yours…



T4 Replacement Pedal Pad Set

A great replacement product for the VW T4 is also on sale. They are a great addition as they improve your overall driving experience and can be fitted in second!



T5.1 Front Splitter For Under Genuine Bumper

A great product for the VW T5.1 is also on sale! It is a great addition as it completely transforms the front of your van!






You can check out all of the items above & much more that are on SALE by clicking here

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