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If all stays on track then by May the 17th you and your dub will be able to start adventuring again. With the freedom that the easing of our third lockdown will give you, we think it would be a great idea to make some slick modifications to your van while you’ve still got the time. We’ve put together a list of accessories that will transform your van with the added benefit of costing £50 or less.


1. HEKO Wind Deflectors – £35.99

Wind deflectors are a great addition to any van, reducing road-noise, increasing airflow it really is a no brainer! Fitment can be daunting but with our handy fitting guide that shouldn’t be an issue. Many members of our team use the HEKO wind deflectors and we can’t recommend them enough. We have HEKOs available for T4 to T6.1.


2. Mudflaps Full Set –  £44.99

Amazingly you can get a full set of mudflaps for under £50! Not only do our mudflaps look the part but they also have huge practical ability. It can be annoying having to wash your dub every other day, these mudflaps can play a big part in preventing dirt and chips on your paintwork. They also protect against grime building up in sensitive spots such as the undercarriage. Our flaps come with all necessary fittings so getting them onto your van is a smooth experience.


3. Door Handle Covers – £22.99 to £24.99

Our door handle covers give your van extra flare while also acting as a barrier of protection against one of the most commonly abused spots on your van. The kits come with 4 door handle covers, 2 lock cover caps with and hole and 3x lock cover caps without a hole. These door handle covers are available in gloss black or carbon fibre. Compatible with T5 to T6.1.



4. Cab Door Seal Upgrades – £12.99

The perfect upgrade for those of you that are sick of the rattling door that just seems to get worse & worse. There are many benefits to installing this seal, for one there will be much less moisture getting into your cabin, creating a better environment for you and your passengers & also a solid seal which will also reduce road noise and offer protection against rust.


5. Rear Transporter Text – £14.99

Whether you have a T4, T5, T5.1, T6 or T6.1 this rear text will make a big difference to the back of your van. The high-quality ABS plastic and strong adhesive allow for a long-lasting product. This text offers a solution to those who are looking to add subtle mods or to those who need a replacement. The text takes no longer than 15 minutes to fit and is available in matt black, carbon fibre or gloss black.


Thank you for checking out our Top 5 Accessories under £50. We hope that our recommendations can give you some guidance and ideas. We’d love to see any modifications you make to your dub; tag us on social media @VeeDubTransporters.