As you can probably guess, being Transporter enthusiasts ourselves, we have our very own T6.1. It’s called Smurf and she’s rather fast, but just like many Transporters, started out as a plain Ravenna Blue panel van. Since June 2020 when she was delivered we have been fitting our very own products as much as we can! Smurf is the perfect example of what can be achieved when using our accessories to stylise and transform the way that your dub looks.

In this post we are going to take you through the most significant steps in Smurf’s journey and talk about why we chose the accessories that we did. We always test our products on our own vans before putting them out into the wild. This is so we can ensure that A: Are products are of very high quality and B: Because they look awesome ?. This does mean that Smurf has been through many different outfit changes since delivery, so let’s start with the first changes we made…

June 2020

Two of our most popular products were first on! Our HEKO Wind Deflectors and Carbon Bumper Protector. Both of these products are super simple to fit to your van and take no longer than 5 minutes each. Although they offer a subtle change, they pointed the upgrade train in the right direction. We wanted a van that would look mean, fast and bold and these dark highlights were the perfect first addition.


The third upgrade that we made was putting our Gloss Black Door Handle Covers on. This continued the black highlights theme however they also brought a practical purpose too. Our covers are the perfect accessory to prolong the paintwork around your door handles, one of the most commonly abused areas of your van. You haven’t got to worry about these bad boys falling off as they are attached with super strong 3M adhesive tape.


August 2020

With some of our smaller accessories having found a home on Smurf, it was time to step up the game! One of the worst parts of the van to start with had to be the tiny and spongy wheels. We went all out by fitting new alloys, Blue AlloyGators & one of our Bilstein Kits (The B14 with 50mm drop). This was the largest visual change to the van so far, one of the best upgrades to be made in our opinion, well worth investing in!

With the new wheels on and a stealthy 50mm drop it was time to make a quality of life upgrade. Sometimes with a Transporter when shutting the front doors they can sound tinny and cheap. With a simple & affordable Cab Door Seal Upgrade this can be changed. They bring a premium “Golf Sound” when the door is shut and they also protect against moisture and reduce cab noise, a no-brainer if you ask us.

It was around the end of August at this point and we thought it was time for some more big changes to be made. Next up was; a Dub Style Rear Primed Spoiler that we got sprayed in Ravenna Blue, our Gloss Black 42mm Streamline Roof Bars, Gloss Black Rear Transporter Text & a Gloss Black Rear Badge. Yes that’s a lot of changes at once but WOW! It was definitely worth doing. At this point Smurf was truly becoming something special ?.

September 2020

Haven’t you forgotten something? No, we definitely hadn’t forgotten. Our windows were the next one of our products to go in and I think letting the pictures speak for themselves is the best thing to do here. If you’re in any doubt about taking the plunge and fitting windows to your Transporter then all we can say is the proof is in the pudding.

Since fitting our windows we have continued to make changes to the van. The most notable of which would be the addition of Vulcan Gloss Black Side Bars, these guys add a beefy look to your Transporter making it even more substantial on the road. On the practical side they’re also handy for helping you get in and out of the van.

Apil 2021

Finally you join us in the current day where we have recently fitted our GTI Tartan Blue Rear Badge Inlay Decals and our stunning Matt Black Rear Quarter Decal. We were all shocked at how big of an impact our new decal range can have on the appearance of the van. Crazy what a bit of vinyl can do ?.

Hopefully this goes to show that our products are tested and trusted by us. Smurf is one of the best looking dubs we’ve seen and she only has a fraction of our huge range of products on her. The combinations are endless so make sure you have a browse around our website to find the perfect styling accessories for your beloved Transporter.