A truly optimised dub should have everything you need to get the job done. We’ve got the Transporter Accessories to make that possible.

Are you an avid camper? Perhaps your Transporter is a work van, maybe even just a people carrier. There are a whole host of accessories and modifications you can make to streamline the experience you have with your van. We’ve picked just a few of the products that we think can help you out with your daily activities.

Tailgate Standoff Lock (T4 ❯ T6.1)

Starting out with the least expensive accessory, we’ve got the Tailgate-Standoff Lock. This handy little piece of metal will give those of you with a Tailgate Transporter a breath of fresh air, literally. It can be used to prop your rear door slightly open in those warm summer months or to air out your van whenever you please. The beauty of this accessory is that you maintain the locking ability of the door, so even though you are letting fresh air in, you can still have the peace of mind your Transporter will not be broken into.


Rubber Dash Inserts (T5.1)

Sick of your loose change and keys rattling about in your Dashboard Tray? This simple accessory will rectify that within seconds. Made by Genuine Volkswagen the T5.1 Rubber Dash Inserts are the perfect fit for your existing dash tray. The extra padding they provide will stop your loose items from sliding around while also greatly reducing rattles. One of the easiest accessories to fit that’ll vastly improve your cab experience.


Automatic Headlight Switch (T5 ❯ T6)

This accessory is one that we’re very proud of. Our Auto Headlight Switch provides a quality of life improvement, alleviating the hassle of turning your lights on and off. Thanks to a small sensor on top of the unit, the level of external light can be measured, providing a trustworthy automatic headlight switch. Fitted in minutes, compatible with the T5, T5.1 & T6; It’s a no brainer!

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Heavy Duty Genuine Mats (T5 ❯ T6)

Does your cab floor seem to magically accumulate dirt? We can say for sure that our Transporters suffer from this curse. Heavy Duty Genuine Floor Mats are the perfect solution for this problem. Deep Rubber Grooves collect debris and stop the spreading of dirt around the cab. This makes cleaning a breeze, a simple rinse will do the job, no hoover is even needed!


Electric Window Kit (T5 ❯ T5.1)

Upgrading from manually adjusted front windows to the electric alternative is surely one of the best quality of life improvements you can make. Our kit gives you all the pieces of the puzzle, making what can seem a daunting upgrade into something very achievable. Once completed you’ll have fast and quiet electric windows powered by reliable motors.


Swivel Bases (T4 ❯ T6.1)

This one is for the Camper enthusiasts out there. Fitting Swivels can turn a cramped conversion into a space-optimised, comfortable place to chill. An essential accessory for a completed build! We offer Sportscraft and FASP Swivel Bases both trustworthy and reliable brands that can often be found on motorhomes straight from the manufacturer.


We hope these suggestions have sparked some ideas for your build, don’t forget this is just a snapshot of our huge range of Transporter accessories. Make sure to have a browse and see what you can find!